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Originally Posted by KenV
In any air-to-air duel, the pilot who spots his target first and shoots first is, nine times out of 10, the victor.
Dead on.
Absolutely not true. For so many reasons. For example, the guy that takes a low energy, max range shot against a high, fast target that subsequently manoeuvres, shoots and cranks (at high g and high energy) is likely to have his missile defeated kinematically and take one in the face a few seconds later.

And that also illustrates what I've been saying before about F-35's energy manoeuvrability. The extra 43 seconds acceleration time, relatively low top speed, OK rate of climb and poor (and reduced) sustained g all become relevant in the example above - hopefully you don't need me to explain that.

Yes, it's important to consider the second shots, but that gets a bit complex for a short post.

No doubt you will now want to come back with numerous personal insults, as is your recent habit in this thread, and you will want to challenge the relevance of that example. On that subject, I would like to add my voice to previous posters about your attitude. Like many others here, I like to debate with you, but I am finding your aggressive, unpleasant personal attacks inappropriate for this forum and rather detracting from the discussion. Please lighten up a bit and behave better. You never know, people may then read your posts so that your points actually reach their targets.
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