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A bit more detail.....

The pilot, 62-year-old Clark J. (Jay) Baldwin, was instructing a group of fellow pilots in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park/Preserve Thursday when the apparent accident took place.

Five small planes, including Baldwin’s, were idling near each other on the Peavine Bar airstrip 15 miles east of McCarthy when one of them began to roll. Witnesses later told Park Service officials that Baldwin attempted to stop the rolling plane and, in doing so, accidentally walked backwards into the propeller of his own Piper PA-18 Super Cub aircraft, according to Robin Broyles, spokesperson with the NPS.

It just shows the danger of being around props that are running. No doubt he was on alert but as soon as something serious happened, all of a sudden the primary hazard can be forgotten. Reminds me of the mechanic near a jet engine inlet that was operating. The wind caught his ball cap and he went after it until he got sucked into the engine.

I have taught two or three people about hand propping techniques. One thing I mentioned was, that even if the most beautiful girl in the world is seen to be walking across the ramp nearby completely naked(well perhaps in high heels), you don't care while you are near the prop. And don't wear a hat.
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