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AT's RP deadline

In just a few days the August roster will be out. It will then be clear whether or not AT has taken a sober view of our concerns and opposition towards her arbitrary attempt to suspend our RP agreement, an agreement that was NEGOTIATED over many years, and for which we sacrificed many advantages to obtain the MUTUALLY agreed set of RP's that we now enjoy. We gave up much (5/4/3 as example) to obtain other important gains (A days, in their original format). It is up to ALL of us to resolve NOW that if she fires the first shot across our bows, we will all, as one, turn our own guns on her and this cynical attempt to grind the value of our careers into the dust. I for one am not willing to allow her to dictate against all safety considerations, lifestyle considerations and family considerations for the sake of her bonus. If the roster comes out with RP's violated, then she MUST know and be SHOWN that we will not just stand by and let ourselves be run over. I hope everyone spends the next few days preparing themselves for this fight, and immediately responds with a message that she won't soon forget.

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