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Racedo, having dealt with most car rental groups over the years, i think its fair to say that Hertz are a reputable business from an ethics point of view, they would not bin a long term agreement with Ryanair at short notice without very good reason and having taken legal advice.

The worst hire company i have dealt with is gold car, the main problem being all the very small print and extras, but as you have pointed out on this forum many times in defence of Ryanair if people sign or tick the 'i have read and understood' box without actually having done so then they have only their self to blame.

Of course Ryanair have a right to redress if they have been damaged.

I have mixed views on the situation in Copenhagen, FR can challenge it at a European level no doubt, perhaps if MOL just reflected on how good his airline could be if he was fair to his (non) employees, walking around M+S today i was impressed to see their signage about being fair to their partners in the supply chain.

I posted on a several years ago that sooner or later FR would have to address its image if it wanted to enjoy higher returns, good to see the markets working
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