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Police have raided the offices of Labor parliamentarian Noreen Hay, (the same Noreen Hay who starred in the ICAC inquiry into Woolongong Council some years ago). It would seem that Ms Hay might owe her election, which she won by a very few votes, in part to a largish number of people who moved into the electorate immediately before the election - and every one of them moved to the same address, a house that is owned to one of Ms Hay's supporters.

Shades of Sophie Mirabella's narrow loss in the Victorian electorate of Indi.

Surely this, if true, (the allegations have not been proven yet), should be sufficient evidence that electoral reform is overdue and must be introduced immediately - certainly before the introduction of same sex marriage. Photo ID at the very least, but also an electronic voter's register and a revocation of the change that Bob Hawke introduced allowing voters to vote in any booth - all these must be introduced before the 2016 election. Any Party that resists these changes is admitting that it is paerty to electoral fraud.
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