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@lear partly true. However these guys claim they were given promises of a 2 year contract. They also claim they were never made aware they would be held in Scandinavia all summer and thereafter not get a base transfer into the euro area.

While the company can afford to throw millions at long haul they should be able to afford to carry a few pilots. The damage they have done to their reputation in the pilot community is very disappointing. I am aware some senior management pilots are very concerned that when they go to expand next year, the pile of CVs that NAS current hold will be fruitless. Experienced FO won't touch NAS until the command situation is sorted out and now inexperienced FO may feel they can't afford to invest in a type rating if they are going to be kicked out in the winter with no pay. It is not clear to those of us on the ground who is making these decisions!!!

It is also not a good idea in my opinion to be treating staff in this fashion while trying to get claim you should be allowed compete on the atlantic.
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