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True, Bosnich; you can be unlucky anywhere.
Ken, do I believe that Labor, when they get back in to power, (especially if they have to keep the likes of SHY on side - but even without that factor), will welcome back Sharrouf's family and that there'll be calls, almost certain to be granted, that the children, and perhaps even the wife, be paid compensation?
MTOW, I think that's pretty unfair. Since they lost government Labor have generally been bi-partisan about terrorism related policy, even though it's been at the expense of some left wing support. The boat issue is shaping up as an internal punch-on, but they haven't opposed anti-terrorism measures. Like it or not (I know I don't) the Bali two had quite a bit of community support from people who were sorry for them and/or opposed to the death penalty, and the government wasn't about to risk looking mean. These guys do not have any public support at all, except for a few fellow loony extremists who are equally loathed by the general public.
No one has explained to me yet how it was legal for a 15 year old to get married.
They weren't legally married, were they? Anyone can rustle up a ceremony and get 'married' in a private place, but it doesn't make it legally binding (or any less in this instance), so I'm guessing that's what happened ?
The more I hear from/about the grandmother, the susser I get.

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