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Decided to take the job, got myself an apprenticeship(Electrician). I've gotten into the right company in terms of making money, for a first year I made quiet a bit! Can't say I've enjoyed it, it's awful work.

Apart from the money major skill sets you'll learn while working, from my brief time in college & General education you'd want to be doing a lot of stuff outside of your regular course to pick most of them up.
Becoming fully qualified is a key to succes now, the qualified guys were earning €1100 after tax a week!(that's max) mostly pulling out €800 was the norm. Putting in the work & hours all the same, not easy.. So what EI-Flyer said, it worked for him! And plenty of others. another 2 years and I'll be there money wise to start saving more!

Also: Keep and eye out for maintaince work as an apprentice, you'll have great joy finding a Jem job like that! (Not having to bust some serious On a site).
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