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Dick Smith
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Private Instrument Rating Problem with ADS-B

A friend of mine who has a late model Cessna 182 with Garmin 1000 unit decided to get his private instrument rating. He was then told he won’t be able to fly IFR in a little over 12 months’ time unless he has ADS-B Out. They then told him that the GPS he has at the moment is a TSO129 and he would have to upgrade it to a TSO146. The quoted price – wait for it - $33,000 minimum from a Sydney-based avionics shop for the ADS-B and GPS upgrade!

My friend only flies in uncontrolled airspace so he will derive no advantages at all from this hugely expensive modification that has been forced on him. I understand that in the USA you can have ADS-B Out with a TSO129 GPS. Can someone confirm this?

This is an absolute catastrophe. My friend has now decided not to do his private instrument rating as the cost will be too great.

So, safety isn’t improved – it has definitely decreased.
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