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Originally Posted by con-pilot View Post
Well I don't know, ever hear a BAC-111 takeoff on a calm, cold morning? Now that will shake your fillings lose.

For a while I lived close to Luton Airport at a similar altitude (Crawley Green Road) and the BAC111s really did make you sit up in bed every time they took off.

(I was usually out of Luton - or at least down low and shrouded from the runways - whenever I wasn't in bed.)
Originally Posted by Loose rivets
Looking back, it's astonishing to think an airline could just set up in somewhere like Luton and make the noise those 1-11s did. I sometimes stayed with S-I-L not a mile from the end of the runway. Powder used to spill from widening cracks as they took off.
Vauxhall workers turned up at the airport and explained why this noise was going to stop. I think the explanation involved the items they were carrying.
The night ban came soon after that and when I went back to LGW, the silence on the night airwaves was astonishing.
The (apparently) loudest take-offs were in the very early hours (3am?).
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