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bosnich, I consider myself reasonably pragmatic. There is no doubt that a 'threat' exists, just like the Communist threat, or the IRA threat, or the Jewish threat, or the (insert fear here) threat.

It's a matter of degree. ISIS (or whatever they call themselves these days) are the 'flavour of the month'. For lots of reasons.

How many Australians were Nazi sympatisers during WW2? How many Australians were Communists during the Cold War? How many Australians support ISIL? It all adds up to the same thing. Disaffected nutbags will look for a cause, whatever it is, wherever it is. It's a fringe.

Does that mean we all have to jump at shadows and hide under our beds or start acting like it's WW3? You can, if you like, as can SOPS and Pinky and rh and the rest of the right wing 'must have someone to hate' fringe. Play their game - each to their own.

Personally I'm with Worrrals, if we live in fear they've already won.
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