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7 days off blocks are confirmed in June and December for next 6 months and company does not change them, swaps are possible. Issue with losing off days for travel has been taken to mgmt, there was agreement there should be early finish before commuting off-block and late start on fırst day back ın ESB and it has worked last couple of months.

Roster has all the stability of hog on ice and currently commuters are flying anything between 40 and 75. Last summer ESB was oversubscribed so typical month would involve about two weeks of AnadoluJet flying from Ankara, six days of SXS flying from AYT and two days of redtail ops from SAW (usually LGW and VIE) with rosters sometimes just getting a bit northward of 100 hr - yes, I'm still talking about commuting contract. This summer quite a few folks moved to AYT and ADB so ESB capts haven't seen layovers so far except short ones in Trabzon, Antep and such. Rumor has it in autumn Anadolujet will start international ops from Ankara but whether it's true and if it will be operated by SXS, remains to be seen.

700-1000 € for apartment is realistic price for decent part of town with numerous waterholes where expats tend to congregate. As apartments in Turkey usually start at 100 sqm, you can comfortably share such a flat with roommate, or settle down in not-so-attractive neighborhood for 350€pm.

Contract specifically stipulates that 7 days off are given in lieu of annual vacation. Unpaid leave can be requested and is liberally granted outside summer season.
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