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From the guys I know there:

Extremely unstable roster. Expect having your off days changed even with only a day or two of notice. If you have a two sector day, they can legally force you to fly another two legs and this happens frequently.

60-70hrs of flight but at least 2-3x flight duty time since the flights are so short. Alot of night duties with three hours at the hotel between the flights.

The seven days off are usually confirmed in advance but the rest of the roster is published at the end of the month for the upcoming calender month. The roster is very bad. Also you get a late checkout the day before your block and early checkin the morning after, rendering two days per block Useless. Also there is zero flexibility.

An apartment is 700-1000eur pm.

You need to be perfectly fluent in German and also have a permission from the management to goto SunExpress Germany. If they need you in a base for which they cannot find pilots (such as ankara) then they won't let you go easily.
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