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Originally Posted by mockingjay View Post
Thanks for the insight there I had no idea how bad it was. I just wonder for those going to BA, no matter how many roster changes you get surely that can't be worse than commuting forever to work out of LHR. Is is guys who have local home bases or guys who are commuting who are moving on? Maybe they're thinking that if they're going to commute forever, they may as well do it for someone else.
Those leaving are from all over the LS network. They're generally leaving for an airline where they can be fairly certain they've got career prospects, no matter how long it takes to move up the seniority ladder.
There's also the better pay & conditions, the confidence that the airline will be around in 5/10/15 years time...

The head in the sand mentality in leeds is rather galling... they need to face up to the fact that despite hating their pilot/cabin crew workforce, without us, the company doesn't work. Even small gestures such as an effective staff travel system would go a long way to regaining goodwill.
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