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seat in row 6 where much of my body is directly inline with the spinning prop
It's fun to watch the blades flew, and the tip plane move fore and aft with the application of thrust though!

During my formative years, I came to know pilot Tony. Tony was known for daring beyond the regular (which eventually claimed his life), and grass roots flying. Tony wore a somewhat tattered, but obviously prized leather flying jacket. Rather than a crest on the back, it had a swirly red smeared on stain.I asked....

Apparently Tony was standing, chatting one day, with inadequate regard for the Taylorcraft idling behind him. He was drawn into the turning prop by the suction, and could not lean forward to extract himself. He had to wait until someone ran around and shut it down. During this time, the "skull cap" spinner smeared its red paint into his back.

I can't imagine being that casual about turning propellers, but apparently it was possible!
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