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NFF (No Fault Found)

AHHH! The mention of 'No Fault Found' activated a distant memory from my time on 48 at Changi.
Debriefing after a trip, a Fright Gingerbeer (first name began with a J) came into the flight servicing office and solemnly recorded a (slightly) high start temp in the F700 (as he was duty bound to do so) on the No 3 engine: on leaving, he mockingly uttered words similar to "I suppose you'll clear that with the usual No Fault Found".

After investigating the reported fault, including the customary waste of fuel known as a check start, the honest (but somewhat tongue-in-cheek) clearance entry in the hallowed tome was duly inscribed as 'Unable to reproduce fault".

High start temps were a commonly experienced feature of the first (No 3) engine start-up, especially in the conditions prevailing in Singers, and was probably the most commonly-reported engine snag at the time, especially when the wind was from the chuff direction.
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