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There is a saying that a man or woman has to do what a Man (or woman) has to do!
Life is full of risks. Risks of being hurt in relationships or being hurt in aeroplanes or loosing all your money in an investment venture.

The problem with risks are that usually the bigger risks the potential bigger gains and also the bigger losses

You can go through life directed by fear and lead a very boring flat life or you can feel the fear and do it anyway.

We all get our fingers burnt to some degree or other by stepping out of our comfort zone but that is the risk you have to take to richen your life.

Those are the choices lead a dull life or go for what you love and to hell with the consequences
The biggest accident rates whether in cars or skiing or whatever happen to young guys in their teens or early 20s hence why the insurance rates are so high for the young.

Even though this pilot was 82 it is jumping the gun a bit to determine that the crash was due to Old age and could be way off mark.

I lost 7 friends to flying some a lot better pilots than I.
One was 78 and a huge inspiration, second father and friend. In the last two years of his life he flew single pilot 32 ferries in beat up wrecks across the North Atlantic.
He crashed in Canada.I never knew such a young minded 78 year old with such a passion and zest for life

Give me people like him any day than the boring old farts who's high light of the week is a visit to the Doctor or watching television with a blanket over their legs some at 50 with bellies like pregnant women (( Think old and you will be old so if you can get your medical whether you are 40 50 60 or 80 and are lucky enough to be in good health fly for as long as the passion is there

Just make sure like me you have a good guardian angel )) and fly within your limits and you will be ok! if not ? If your cards are marked they are marked

Would you rather risk a shorter life as a Lion or maybe a shorter life thinking it will be a longer life as a sheep ?
Neither is guaranteed


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