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Knievel, not riding motorbikes is very very sensible. Far more dangerous than flying!

You didn't tell us how old you are....I used to find that gliding students over the age of 60 had a very flat learning curve....and seldom achieve safe solo standard. I started flying at 50, with a background of sailing which helps.
And was lucky enough in 1983 to join Booker Gliding Club which at that time was very very good indeed, our Chief Flying Instructor became a World Champion. It was challenging to learn at an airfield tucked under the London Heathrow zone, and to fly gliders - airtow only! fitting in with the other users of that busy airfield, close to the M40 and High Wycombe....other users being two light aircraft clubs, and helicopters of every sort.

If you like spending money, why power flying is good at that. But I've done both, and Shenington gliding club is now my second family.

Step turn said he was able, in his 20's, to drive to his office on the motorway with his brain switched off...automatic pilot all the way. I still drive on automatic pilot, these abilities don't fade if you frequently follow the same route, even without a sat nav. Flying, however, requires your full attention. Encountering another aircraft midair can spoil your entire day....
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