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Thanks for that, Westwind. The report may say there were no physical problems.

But the pilots age was 82. And he was highly experienced. I am also 82, and with more than 3000 hours, but I am uncomfortably aware that my JUDGEMENT and physical and mental abilities are not what they used to be.

Unless the German investigation reveals any shortcomings that were beginning to be noticed by the pilot's friends at the gliding club, deference may have inhibited anyone from asking "are you current? are you OK to fly with pax?"

Believe me, my friends at the gliding club have noticed my shortcomings of late, and don't hesitate to joke about it. Four years ago I stepped down from instructing or flying power, still fly gliders, but only with a safety pilot.

It should be the responsible thing for friends and colleagues to keep an eye on us old farts, and make sure that they realise there is a time limit on our abilities...though it is very hard to get the male pilot to admit he is not as sharp as he used to be.
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