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John. that's a very good translation and sum of what it was all about.

Yes, we were on a normal scenic flight. The pilot was more of a glider pilot then motor pilot, and had over 8000 hours,....he always shut the engine off. I do know he had intended to "go around" which obviously didn't work, I don't know why not. The official accident reports (sorry, in German only) mention there was no technical problem and he was healthy (there was no heart attack or other issue).

We had flown a similar flight in November 2012, which was more then 90 days which means, he didn't have his 3 take-offs and landings before our flight in March and, of course, I didn't check him for one did.

Mary, I got my first flight licence on a power glider in 1994....and never once since then did I shut off the engine! I, too, prefer having a motor running in front. Most of the flight training I did as an instructor was in C150's and such.

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