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First of all I'm not here not debate but again I would like to make it clear that we wrote the paper to pass and we really worked hard for it and will do in all the respective rounds like u did in 2011 n then what happened , u waited for 4 yrs .I'm really sorry to say mate but it is not our fault that you waited so long , I'm sure there were many opputunities in between which you missed. I know many friends from 2013 batch who did not wait for jet n joined indigo so please don't say it again n again that we waited for 4 yrs. Secondly yes there is a difference between type rated n non type rated if u can understand we are ready pilots where as you are not so relax it will take less time for any company to work on us then you guys now getting back to the jet recruitment personally I would really want to join jet at the earliest n believe me I will not loose hopes by something written by you but again if I don't get this opportunity in the near future then unlike you I would not wait for it. Like I said earlier I'm rated on 737 n I have passed my indigo exam as well when the time comes I will again do the endorsement on Airbus without thinking that I should wait for jet for 4 yrs , I hope u got it mate n best of luck for ur induction ......
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