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Jumping prematurely? You're kidding me right? The words have come from Jet Airways management itself. Where's the question of jumping prematurely? If there's anyone who has to hold on to their horses, it's you my dear friend. You have a long long wait ahead of you.

Secondly, no they're not talking about the 2013 candidates who are waiting to re-appear for any round. There are no such candidates left. Everyone who has failed some round or the other, has already been called up to re-appear. That goes to show how little you know about what's going on with the whole process. That's where the first paragraph of the mail comes in, which I didn't quote earlier:

As you are aware, you have already cleared the simulator screening process and awaiting pre-employment medical exam
These guys, (unlike you), have almost cleared the whole process!

If they want to put the 2014 type rated candidates on a fast track, then where are the written exam results? Why can't they start this expedited process now itself? What's taking them so long? What are they waiting for?

I asked u earlier also give me an answer that WHY 2013 rated were expedited u never gave me an u will never b able to see..i knw that..
I have already given the answer of this question to you TWICE in my previous posts. Perhaps, may be if you OPEN YOUR EYES a little bit more and care to properly read what I say, you would have seen my reply by now. But just for your sake, I'll give you the answer again:

When the 2013 type rated candidates were called up, there was an urgent requirement which suddenly came up at the time, which the Jet management did not foresee. So instead of getting the non-type rated candidates of 2011 rated and online (which would take time), the easier and faster option was to directly induct the 2013 type rated people. Unfortunately for you and the other 2014 rated candidates, no such urgent requirement exists at the moment, and the management is now ready to take on the 2011 non-type rated candidates as and when the requirement comes up. I've finally answered your question in detail!

Let the remaining 18(2011)+4(2013) rated candidates be inducted. Where are you getting these numbers from?

If there's anything that's obvious from this thread, there are two types of candidates waiting to join this airline:

1) Candidates like those in the 2011 batch, who have waited week after week, month after month and year after year (now 4 years and counting), with still plenty of hope and patience

2) And then candidates like you, who get themselves a rating, write the first round exam, and are already thinking about being inducted before people who have cleared the process ages ago. You don't even know if you're going to pass the written exam or not. If by God's grace and your own efforts you do pass, you still have to make it through 4 challenging rounds after that. You may or may not make it through the whole process, do you realize that? You speak as if you're guaranteed to clear the whole thing!

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