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Slightest ray of hope!!

Spoke to the Jet HR today and I was told that they plan to continue with the 2011 TFO induction in batches of 10's. The next 10, who were deferred induction in Nov'14 will be called by June '15 and then on 10 each month.

Mails would be sent out by end of this week, although not sure if only for the next 10 or for all the waiting TFOs. One thing to be glad about was that, when I just mentioned my first name, she checked for my last name herself in the list and confirmed this news.......... after all those calls to the HR have not entirely been wasted..

Having said that, we have heard the Jet HR's, Management, GM's etc. giving many dates like this over our 4 years of wait, but alas, it has always ended with a disappointment.. So "hope" this time it is true and positive..

Also a kind request, rather than to start calling the HR's based on this news, wait till the end of this week before calling.
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