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That didnít strike me as surprising, because thatís my understanding of what the AIP says.
Yes, that is what is says now, but not what it has said for the past decade, pre the change.

What most of the participants in this discussion are concerned about is that there was a change, with no consultation, no safety case and no apparent consideration of the unintended consequences.

CASA's lack of understanding of the matter was displayed when they indicated that they only considered it a clarification (!!).

Most of us in the flying world out here believe that if the rules say one thing today and another tomorrow, that is a change. Seems some in CASA don't share that view! Seems also to show an ignorance of the established procedures that have been firmly in place for a decade.

At the recent evening at the local aero club there were three CASA safety folk there and this subject did not crack a mention.

I am not going to be dragged into any personal exchanges on this forum, I just want to see some constructive discussion on what is without doubt a safety issue that has not been managed well by the regulator.
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