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I have to deal regularly with a Yachting race director who has a number of what I will call "personal issues", sometimes also called "passive aggressive" behaviour ( and occasionally not so passive). These are a result of what I will call "health issues" earlier in his life.

This person delights in constructing racing instructions some, say, Twelve pages long that appear to be quite prescriptive and detailed….until you attempt to follow the course allegedly mapped out…and discover that half the fleet has gone one way and the other half another..all due to competing interpretations of the instructions.

What normally happens when the perplexed attempt to get a ruling is that the race director smirks and alerts them to the footnote on page Twelve that says the rules change on alternate Wednesdays and that therefore half the fleet sailed the wrong course because they expected the instructions to mean what they say,

Said Race Director gains huge pleasure out of all this by pointing out that the losers missed the footnote and therefore "hadn't read the instructions".

So when I try and read CASA regulations why do I get exactly the same feeling as reading those racing instructions? Because they are deliberately obtuse and self referential for exactly the same reason - to make CASA functionaries feel good.

The regulation should simply state that you will use the area frequency or other designated frequency (not the frequency "in use") period. The regulation may then state how the designated frequency may change and the single location where such a change can be found, leaving absolutely NO pilot in doubt as to what the correct frequency is.

Thus there is no room for interpretation, mind games, autistic pissing contests and other sports beloved of CASA.

Speaking as One who did get designated frequencies confused ( by a NOTAM about Maree in the tourist season) and potentially lined himself up for a midair as a result.

There should be no room for "interpretation" beyond strict common, published Weberian limits and all regulations should be self contained and internally consistent. Hell will freeze over before CASA agrees to this.
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