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Thanks Exasperated, I'd just realised when I posted it that I missed out the VIE routes (I've added them on ). Good to see them expanding, twice weekly to Vienna, almost putting EDI on par with MAN's 3x weekly service.
The updated schedule is as follows:

The 12 New Routes are as Follows: Blue = 737-800 | Red = 737-300 (All Based on August 2016)

New Beach Routes Summer 2016:

LS727 Tenerife TFS, B737-800, (2x Weekly - Tue, Sat)
LS705 Lanzarote ACE, B737-800, (2x Weekly - Thu, Sun)
LS715 Gran Canaria LPA, B737-800, (1x Weekly - Mon)
LS731 Zante ZTH, B737-300, (2x Weekly - Tue, Sat)
LS719 Kefalonia EFL, B737-300, (1x Weekly - Wed)
LS713 Heraklion HER, B737-800, (2x Weekly - Mon, Fri)
LS725 Rhodes RHO, B737-800, (1x Weekly - Sat)
LS711 Dalaman DLM, B737-800, (1x Weekly - Fri)
LS709 Antalya AYT, B737-800, (1x Weekly - Thu)
LS721 Larnaca LCA, B737-800, (1x Weekly - Wed)
LS797 Paphos PFO, B737-800, (1x Weekly - Wed)

New City Route Summer 2016:

LS851 Vienna VIE, B737-300, (2x Weekly - Mon, Fri)

I too would also envisage that a 733WL will be up in EDI for the ZTH and EFL routes. G-GDFO has been up at EDI already this winter for a few weeks, and her sister G-GDFM is up there now. A non-winglet 733 (not QC) could probably make the route also, but I would think that the 733WL is a better option - better fuel efficiency, greater range... makes more sense!

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