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Originally Posted by bkm View Post
And they want 39p a day for this!
I realised, well before I got to this point, that you were being ironic....

Supporters of the BBC tend to fall back on the technique of breaking the licence fee down into a cost per person per day as if that somehow makes it fantastic value. Well, on that basis I'm paying about 1.70 per day for all my gas and electricity requirements - less than some people spend on cigarettes. Wouldn't you agree that's entirely reasonable? Or would you take the view that if utilities could be supplied for less than they ought to be? Otherwise someones profiteering.

On the whole, I like the BBC's output, and I wouldn't want to lose it. But I do think they could deliver the same programming for less. There's lots and lots of anecdotal evidence of wastage, some of which has already been mentioned. The bumper pay and perks at the higher echelons. The generous no questions asked pay off's. The bloated management. The vaguely defined sort-of-jobs. The expenses. The grandiose ambitions. I could go on..... The reality is that the BBC is well funded, quite possibly too well funded. So what if its only 39p per day? If they can do it for 30p per day then why don't they?
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