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I think Ancient Observer point about local output has merit.

Who give a s*t if someone in Norfolk or Cumbria want to have news and information about their local community. They're north of the M25, I don't care.

And as for the BBC's temerity in having Welsh & Scots language channels. I'm appalled.

Then don't get me started on the numpties who commision complete rubbish like Wolf Hall, or the History of Britain by Simon Scharma and as for Horizon and all the damn Attenborough wildlife rubbish. Speechless!

Slow TV, who had that idea? The thought that people might find it interesting to listen to the sound of birdsong, uninterupted by voice and music, watch craftsmen building objects of beauty or idle away a pleasant hour or two in the company of a narrow boat. Astonishing.

An as for radio. Good grief. Who wants to listen to classical music, or voice only radio. Having channels dedicated to music targeted to a younger audience, or channels where one can listen to classic radio comedy from years gone by. Outrageous. Whats wrong with commercial radio, more double glazing and PPI ads is want this country needs.

And they want 39p a day for this!

Thank god the Tories got in and can cozy up to Murdoch as a thank you for the smooth ride they got in his press.
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