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I neither know nor care about whether the BBC has a Left-wing, Right-wing or neutral agenda, although its retweet seems a particularly stupid one to make if it wants to survive in its present form.

I do care that the BBC provides all the evidence we need that if you give an organisation shedloads of money, acquired by forcing citizens to pay it under threat of imprisonment, it will spend most of that money on itself and its staff without any reference whatsoever to value for money.

As part of that process it will acquire a bloated, unnecessary and ineffectual management structure, creating more and more non-jobs with absurd titles, and its senior managers and Directors will decide to pay themselves extravagant sums of money because no-one has the power to stop them doing that.

I could go on, but you get the point. The root of all this is the licence fee and the "guaranteed" income the BBC gets as a result.

Any competent administrator could cut the BBCs running costs by 60% overnight (OK, within 12 months) although there would be a one-off huge capital cost IF the contracts so very carefully drafted by the management for their pay-offs when the gravy train hits the buffers are honoured. They should not be; an Act is required that they are dishonoured in favour of a reasonable payment to each person shown the door.

Other areas of extravagance to be slashed would be the expenses culture of the BBC, the way that vast armies of reporters, support staff and managers are sent to cover single events (eg Olympics), and their property portfolio which must be among the most inefficient in the world in terms of its costs and utility.

But the absolute essential is to scrap the licence fee, NOW, and make the BBC compete properly. A payment from taxation for running one or two public service channels and a radio World Service, OK, but no more. When that is done all the rest of the reforms will follow, out of sheer necessity.
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