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How can Jet 2 cancel their 360 flight from Rome to Belfast on Thursday, inform passengers that they can't pick them up until Sunday and say that they are not entitled to any form of compensation? Surely they are liable for additional costs incurred?
Was it this Thursday? If it was, Jet2 had no other option other than cancel the LS360 flight, with the Fire at Rome. The airport has done its best (and done well) to re-open Terminal 3, which Jet2 operate from. It was not until today that it re-opened, and hence, the first day they can get you back. Unfortunately, this could be classed as an 'extraordinary circumstance', which Jet2 aren't liable to pay out for. After all, it isn't their fault that the fire started. Any compensation or additional costs incurred will come from your Travel Insurance Provider, who (if you're covered for) will pay out the agreed cancellation funds and incurred costs.
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