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Spot on gorter...
And people ARE leaving for Ryanair...Thomson, BA, La Compagnie, Norwegian and The ME are all on the list...

No one is creating rumours about numbers leaving, there are those that remain on the strange world of "Planet Jet2" that believe the spin and head-in-sand management rubbish and defend it, but as far as large UK airlines go, Jet2 has a VERY big long-term problem that I'm not even sure John Harvey-Jones could handle!

In short, low quality, outrageously top-heavy management structure, majority share holder is a micro-manager and hates people and the business plan is a non-diverse, shallow, simple thing that is backed into a corner with a limited future. All adds up to worst terms & conditions in the UK, non-career environment with disgusting low-levels of people management.

They get everything they deserve and will suffer this summer...I'm afraid the damage is now done, there is a Ryanair type "Brickwall" approaching fast, which will hurt with nothing like the Ryanair cash reserves behind them.
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