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Perhaps... but then again so is making generalisations about the intentions of asylum seekers - which was my point.
Chuboy, the intentions of asylum seekers is generally without question because amongst other things, they fear persecution in their own lands, but genuine asylum seekers are few and far between.

The majority of people getting onto rickety boats are self selecting economic immgrants. They are unwilling (or too lazy) to improve their lot in their own country and look to 'the West" for lifestyle and benefits, as well as family reunions aided and abetted by preceding self selecting economic immigrants.

When they take the easy way out, they've condemned their countrymen to ongoing problems which only makes the West's problem greater. Africa is a basket case because of corruption, poverty and lack of birth control. While they continue to breed at a much faster rate than "the West', there will always be a need for UN aid, a third of which is wasted, another third is stolen, and the rest will feed the population explosion.

The cycle will perpetuate while the UN and the huggy fluffies prevail.
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