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I'm afraid the ethics and credibility of the medical profession are currently being trashed in the reporting of the hearings of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.
The reality of modern life is, we are slowly but surly pulling our heads out of our @rses in regards to particular mythos. Doctors like anyone else are human, as such can be , crooked, pedophiles, murders, rapists etc. All it is, is a distribution of a grouping of how many in what profession does what.

Building mythos up around things helps in some cases to build confidence in something, on the off side it can be used to hide bad things. Its sad when your image shatters, but thats life.

I generally have as much respect for the garbage truck driver as a doctor etc. until I know otherwise. In fact, up until we threw off the shackles of our base belief system I would probably give the poor more trust and respect.

But interesting to see SH-Y being pushed to the sidelines by her colleagues.
Its simple, they are looking at the changing demographics of society and are trying to make their move. In effect they want to become mainstream and make more than two major parties. Standard wedge. If they are smart they will try and get some from the conservative side, and large chunk from Labor.

The end effect if they are successful, will be to decimate the labor party vote. If he's smart operator it will take a few elections.
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