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I find Jones annoying in the extreme, but in this case, (last night's interview with Scott Morrison), I have to agree with him. His idea that child care should be tax deductible in exactly the same way as a typist or a PA is along the same lines as the suggestion made here that a husband/wife should be able to 'employ' his/her partner (or anyone else) as a child carer.

I find the whole Liberal approach to subsiding everyone for the cost of child care far too 'Big Government' for me. We see (possibly fanciful) posts about young women being turned into 'baby factories' to keep the government welfare flowing in, and we've seen the ACA segment from Adelaide about the Somali immigrants rorting the child carer allowances with families swapping children so everyone becomes a paid-by-the-taxpayer child carer.

There will have to be a total re-think of how the government approaches assistance to families to put a stop to this - and if what Scott Morrison was saying last night is the Libs' new plan, the Libs definitely haven't achieved that.
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