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Some LGW based pilots may be under the delusion union representation with their employer agency will ensure and protect any labour “rights” they believe they may have with Norwegian – wrong.
Remember, there are two very separate contracts: 1. Pilots with the agency, and 2. Norwegian with the agency to supply the pilots. Any recognition and collective union agreement between LGW based pilots and their employer agency, is not legally binding with Norwegian under the UK Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1992, why? - because Norwegian is not the employer.
Before handing over union dues, I suggest pilots determine exactly what they hope to achieve by union representation with their employer agency that is legally binding with Norwegian. Furthermore, if you signed your agency contract that includes the “choice of law” as anything other than in the UK, you do not even have the right to an Employment Tribunal for any grievance you may have with your employer agency (union representation with the agency or not).
Once again, one of the main reasons for the recent strike was to have Norwegian as the named employer. Apparently, some of you do not appreciate the importance of this as it relates to UK and European employment/labour laws.
When the President of ALPA said that the use of agencies permitted the circumvention of labour laws, this is the type of scheme he referred to.
Note: DN Norway news reported today that PARAT filed a lawsuit this week against Norwegian, for the courts to rule that Norwegian is the real employer of the pilots. Link: Parat saksøker Norwegian -
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