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The ALC aircraft would not be there if it weren't for EU261.
It doesn’t make sense to base two B733s at ALC to cover for aircraft with mechanical problems. The B733 can only carry 149 passengers and JET2 have the B738 with 189 passengers and the B752 with 235 passengers. It should be remembered that the B752s were re-allocated to LBA and MAN, so that they could be used to cover for delays etc., due to possible claims under EU261.

In the case of the Faro incident, G-LSAC is a B752 with a carrying capacity of 235 passengers and G-CELS that went to the rescue can only accommodate 149 passengers. Obviously in this particular case JET2 hit lucky and the flight back from Faro most probably only had 149 passengers or less. In any event the ALC based B733s are normally quite busy flying passengers to and from the JET2 UK bases.

For AENA, the Spanish airports’ authority, the fact that a UK airline has chosen ALC as a base must carry a certain amount of prestige and perhaps that in turn gives JET2 certain privileges. There is no evidence that this is the case but this arrangement is much more likely than using ALC as a base to send a B733 to rescue a full plane load from a B752 or a B738.

Sean Dillon: Congratulations! Though it does sound too good to be true. In any case please keep us updated on the BA Direct Entry Pilot forum under Terms and Endearment, doubtless your experiences at BA will be more appreciated there.
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