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Well if the terms and conditions (salary) previously mentioned is true, I hope they don't get many applications. It's simply a disgraceful package for the Job involved.

This industry really has gone to the dogs. It's been very sad to see the demise of the profession, standards, and remuneration over the years. The industry has been ruled by bean counters and low cost companies, ever eroding terms and conditions. Crews working ever harder, with less and less in their pay and conditions. No job security, crap medical benefits and fatigue rife throughout the industry, yet with all the news recently with accidents they always spout the same BS, "Safety is our number one priority!" Same crap every time. Safety is a number one priority, as long as it doesn't cost money, and good conditions including Medical, Leave etc etc costs money.

Maybe a little off topic, but the Norwegian package really is a disgrace to our profession.
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