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I think its just a bunch of blah blah blah, everyone knew the 225´s were grounded for a extended period and some oil companies including Petrobras after a time suspended payments . This did not happen immediately after the grounding of the 225´s that the grounding) was lead by some operators ( including CHC) and not by OEM ( Airbus) and by Petrobras in Brazil. Petrobras after some months going into the grounding decided to suspend the payments, this does not mean they did not pay for the months they were grounded they only suspended the payments. This was all under negations by all the 225 operators in Brazil . They might have been paid after the aircraft went back into operation, but this point I cannot confirm this happened,

Sometimes you have to take some statements you read in the news with a grain of salt since there is always more to the story then is being told.

I doubt very much CHC was hiding this from the investors at all, they were up front about what this meant to revenue´s in all the announcements I read having to deal with the financial results during this period.
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