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Ok ok ok ....apologies for the tone (now that I've read it sober ; > )

It took me about three minutes to look it up which is my point:

OME Section 1, GENERAL pg 88 Rev 2 para 1&2

"Flights delayed ex-DXB will require a replacement Flight Crew if the projected FDP would exceed total of 22:00 hours. Departures after the specified time with a replacement Crew are subject to the provisions of the individual appendix.

The maximum permitted FDP (including Ramp/Air Turn Backs) for any ULR operation is 22:00 hours on both a scheduled/planned and actual basis."


Para 12:
"In extraordinary circumstances, and with the agreement of the Fleet Chief Pilot, the limitations included in this section may be waived. The choice to waive these limitations, once approved by the Chief Pilot or his designee, rests solely with the Commander."

So now to your flight and I'm going off what's published in the FOIP for that particular flight - as I believe I'm familiar with the one you are discussing.

The Flight Crew and (by extension you) - dutied on at:

21:50Z (you pushed back 41mins late)
You dutied off at

19:36z in DFW

Your combined duty APPEARS to have been 21hrs 46mins

Before I go on ....is this correct or not?

If it is NOT can you provide the date of flight so that we can corroborate.

(I may be wrong as a bit hazy today after the margueritas :0 )

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