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Turkish Airlines 1951 crash 2009

Still have a huge question on this crash.

I wonder why in the movie about the crash (Mayday Air Crash Investigation S10E06 Who's In Control Turkish Airlines Flight 1951, from 30:00 minutes on), first they indicate that after the crash many pilots all over the world came forward saying that they also had the problem with erroneous altimeter, but after switching to RETARD flare mode- they disengaged the autothrottle and landed safely, following by a scene showing that the reports sent to boeieng and made by various pilots before the accident happened, included altimeter error BUT WITHOUT SWITCHING TO THE RETARD FLARE MODE!
Is it so that left altimeter error ALWAYS leads to RETARD FLARE mode switch?

AND WHY DID THE PILOT DISMISS THE AUDIBLE ALARM (5x) when noticing the left altimeter error? DID HE KNOW it will lead to RETARD MODE? WHY did he not check this? DID he perhaps know of the problem with the altimeter but did not pay attention to it cause in the past it did not switch on the RETARD MODE???
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