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Originally Posted by Hempy View Post
He could be an orator of Chamberlain stature and still run rings around the current flog.
Or orate like a statue and still be ahead
On another thread there is a discussion regarding dick smith entering polotics, now there is a man who says what he means and means what he says.
I agree there are few good orators, watching our parlimentarians in action live for three days was an eye opener in this respect. I'm not suggesting that being silver tongued is an imperative but that TA's deficiencies in the gab betray his underlying assetts as being 2nd rate prime minister.
A growing country like oz needs a navigator with a vision that reflects its citizens.
4% of Australians are in poverty and probably as many again on the borderline while housing affordability is hitting the wall and 45sq meter apartments in Melbourne cost more than a terrace in the UK.

Someone needs to get a grip, this generation of well off Australians are up to the challenge of change, but the next generation may be on their knees.

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