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Originally Posted by John Eacott View Post
So what would you like the Prime Minister to say, or is it a case of damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't?
Of course he can say they have been arrested, he shouldn't say they are terrorists just because the police tell him so, its up to the courts to decide!

He also said mh370 would be found soon! and accused all the villagers and emergency workers in Ukraine of stealing from victims of that atrocity, and then created unrealistic expectactions in loved ones that victim remains could be quickly repatriated if it were not for those nasty Russians.

He is pathetic at speaking fluidly, his long errs and pauses and idiotic repitition, for effect?, mark him as a company man who has to filter his thoughts rather than as a statesman who can speak with lucidity, precision and passion,
born from knowledge and conviction.

His failed execution of the British stiff upperlip presents iteslf as pouting. It is an affliction of a colonial wanna be or middle class english climber (both in his case!), a giveaway of someone who is not happy in their own skin.

Have a close look at footage of him escorting Willl and Kate around, his mouth was pouting like a fish out of water. A very un Australian character trait!

By the way, I watched him in parliament for three days recently from the vistors gallery with my teenage kids, they commented that he was one of the worst orators in parliment. I was very surprised that his projection is very weak and tone very narrow and thin (the close microphone disguises some of this).

Pity the microphone cant disguise the rest of his verbal inadequacies when he is speaking to or on behalf of Australians.


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