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This isn't directed at the OP who is studying for his PPL and must do it correctly but I'm always a little bemused when people argue the toss between 100 kts and a 101 kts when discussing GA flying. A very short while after my license issue and a few hours flying in the real world I quickly came to the conclusion that everything in GA is plus or minus 5.

I took some friends flying to North Yorkshire the other day, neither of them experienced in GA flying. The usual questions of 'How high and how fast will we go' were met with '130kts and 3,000 feet.' It was very thermic over the moors and as the ASI went between 125-135 kts and the altitude did it's best to shove me around while I was trying to keep within a couple of degrees of my planned course and failing I was thinking 'It's all plus or minus 10 actually'.
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