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Precision: Shirley 98 divided by 60 = 1.633333333333 per minute, times 2.5 minutes = 4.08333333333. Or have I missed something?
The difference between that and my original "about 4" is, you will travel a further 506.666464 yards, provided there are 6080yards in a nautical mile?
If the answer governs the decision to go for a landing at home base or not because in 2.5minutes it will be 30mins after sunset and you will be illegal, so a landing at a closer airfield may be required, then absolute precision may be necessary. If this is to pass an exam question then pick the closest of the multiple choices, if it is a general practical Nav question then by the time you have figured it out you will be there already. If you read all my crap first you will be well past it and the whole thing will be irreverent.
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