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Originally Posted by NigelOnDraft View Post
Extending that protocol to require a CC member to override the Capt's command, when in either case (i.e. the CC obeys or overrides) the result may be a hull and all pax loss - or far worse

It is easy to think of / cater for the typical personalities and situations - but we need to address the exceptional.
Absolutely true.
However, the way that the exceptional may be addressed is the way starting to be proposed in the NYT. All of a sudden the aircraft responds that it does not trust any of you and all the cockpit controls (including CBs) cease to work. You are now passengers in an 'optionally manned' aircraft.

There are avionics manufacturers and beancounters salivating at that thought.

So it would really be good if a productive way forward could be identified rather than the continual howling down of alternate ideas. The status quo is only there because nobody has yet changed it - not because it is ideal.
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