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The other thing to consider is two forces arriving at that conclusion. normally the AAIB (Air Accident) not air murder handle aircraft accidents usually pilot error or system malfunction incorrectly handled causing pilot error. Rarely is an accident due to an aircraft becoming unflyable.

In this case many of us refused to acknowledge the unthinkable that another pilot in our profession would purposely commit mass murder on people in his care and i still find it hard to take that fact in. He must have had a very very warped and sick mind which the vast majority of mentally ill people would never contemplate.

So there were enough arrows pointing to a suspected mass murder and the criminal authorities became involved.

Their findings lead to their own conclusion that the extreme likelihood was that Lubitz crashed the aircraft in a pre meditated and planned fashion with total disregard for the people in his care.

the AAIB research was jointly with the criminal investigators reinforcing what they had discovered.

This is the last thing that any professional pilot would want as we already have to jump through too many hoops especially with EASA and really don't need more hoops. Ok there are lessons to be learnt and certain practical changes which can be made to minimise a repeat happening again

it is an extremely rare occurrence so over reaction would also be a mistake but that is what we fear regulations with no practical sense for public consumption only and authorities and airlines wanting to be seen to be doing something to placate the minds of an unknowing public at our cost/ I hope that helps explain ?

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