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I always find it amazing that you guys will turn up for a flight with a complete stranger climbing in with you!

It is so far removed from my world.

Yet I understand you are all trained to one standard making such a situation possible.

that is not the way it used to be with crews flying together for years. It had its advantages but also disadvantages.

I just wonder whether the Captain and Lubitz had spent nights out and days together as well as flying together many times whether he would have become very suspicious that something was seriously not right with the guy? and taken his concerns higher or at least to have not trusted him alone?

i am not suggesting putting solid crews together but at least rostering crews so the FO and Captain at least know each other from previous trips and can quickly sum up the character of the guy they are flying with his weaknesses strengths and life events going on? Intuition is a very strong friend

I ask this as I wonder whether Lubitz was aware of anyone else but himself (and the pilot)? Do you think he might have just sat there thinking: 'this is it'. He was all alone, in his own little world. Then he locked the door, shut out the rest of the world, set the controls and maybe took something to relax or render himself unconscious?
Absolutely not!! The Police found that Lubitz has been researching the door locking mechanism on his computer days earlier so had plenty of time to consider what he was about to do to the 150 people on that aircraft! his Girlfriend had reported that he told her he was going to change the face of aviation!!

This was totally a premeditated and planned murder and destruction of himself

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