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None of the main players seem at all interested in running the country
True, the country is run by bureaucrats, pollie's dictate direction, and in the case of major parties its policy, hence most of the time they are just a hand.

according to the wishes of the majority of voters .....
Everyone is the same on both sides, and including the extremists parties, its not about the majority its about getting what you want and believe is correct.

as for example a referendum on membership of the E.U. .....
Thats because both sides know that the EU is an important step to stop the cycle of violence that seems to plague mankind. As much as I like to take the p!ss out of it I tend to agree its the best way forward, if only we could get pest control in to get rid of the fruit loops.

more a points scoring exercise over those they see as the opposition, whether in their own party or the other lot.
Yep, normal, thats what politics has become.
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