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Would any genuine commercial pilot beg to differ?
Yes... if someone who has just done 6+hrs LHS A320 today satisfies your criteria?

I refer back to my previous post (which you described as 'mediocrity') to give, IMO, an accurate response to your points.

Since you either did not like or understand my response, please could you expand on your post's questions:
A: Are they mentally fit for purpose?
B: Are they physically fit for purpose?
C: Are they trained, and current, to meet any scenario that faces them on any particular flight?
D: To the point where there is zero risk of 'pilot error', whatever?
E: It would appear that those who control (who?) and enforce (who?) such matters are still falling short of their responsibilities (which are?).
e.g. by saying how you think they either are, or should be conducted?

The genuine passengers I met today expressed their thanks for their flights today, and getting them to their destinations safely and comfortably. I saw no sign of the lack of trust expressed by "passengers who pay our wages" on here
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