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You may agree with Dr Kerwin, but how do you make his proposal legal? Retrospectivity has a limited application in law. And who makes the law?

Even if changes were prospective only, who changes the law?

The politicians. Can you really expect them to vote themselves out of financial security?

In Australia at present, one of the best ways to catapult yourself into the top tier of income is to sit in Parliament for three terms. If you can do that, you can transform your life.

Look at Gillard. In 1995, she was a solicitor, struggling to pay for modest renovations on a modest house in an ordinary suburb of Melbourne. Then she began her political career. In 1995 she was sacked by her employers and could no longer work as a lawyer. Then, after a period of unemployment, she became chief of staff to the Victorian premier. She was elected to federal parliament in 1998. Her income rose dramatically and she left about 15 years later as a very wealthy woman on a very large pension, and enjoying extensive benefits.

Not bad for a dodgy little solicitor.

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